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Tyzzer's Christmas Lights

Welcome to Tyzzer's Christmas Lights, the computer controlled Christmas lighting display of Paul and Julie Tyzzer.  We're in  Downend near Bristol, South West England, UK.

Our display features lights that "dance to music" using a synchronised computer-controlled system which also broadcasts the music on an FM frequency so you can watch the display and listen to the music in the warmth of your car while you enjoy the light show.
This computer controlled system was introduced to our display in December 2007, and so far as I know it's the first Christmas display of it's kind in the Bristol area to do this.

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Take a look through the history of how I developed an interest in Christmas lights from the age of about 4 to the present day, told in a light hearted manner with pictures and a little humour.

In the technical section details are given as to how some parts of the display are made.

Below is a map showing the location of our display in Downend BS16