Having moved house in January 13, we had to rebuild much of the display to fit our new house.  Unfortunately the mega tree had to go as the front garden didn't have enough space for it.  All the window frames had to be re-built to suit the different sized windows, the door frame rope lights however are a perfect fit, the outline rope lights have all gone, the layout of the display has been re-designed and a complete supporting framework built for the lights on the top of the front roof.

Our half size Nativity set imported from America is mounted on a wooden frame and fits rather nicely under the window in our front garden.  This part of the display is not controlled by the computer but is permanently on during the display times.

This year we've added the Reindeer and Sleigh to the display, this is animated to look like it's landing on the roof.

There are five pieces of music used in our animated light display,  Carol of The Bells,  Silent Night,  Good King Wenceslas, a Christmas medley and the piece of music that started it off a few years ago Wizards in Winter.
The led moving message displays the radio frequency to tune your radio to and the name of the music that the lights are animated to along with this website address.

Some statistics;

100 meters of rope light,
100 Meters of multicore cable, (reduced as a result of the smaller display)
about 50 meters of mains cable,
about 75 meters of low voltage power cable,
6000 lights,
700 LED's,
About 360 Solder joints in the controller, and about 1500 in the circuit boards.
. . . and the electricity consumption 2Kw all on, less when running the show.